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I am a design historian based at Kingston University, where I teach critical and historical thinking about design and the applied arts to practitioners and art and design historians. You can see me talking about some of what I was up to in 2012 while a context lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art in this video.  In 2011 I completed a PhD on craft and design in post-war Italy at the Royal College of Art/V&A Museum in London. I have worked at MoMA and the V&A, most recently on the exhibition Postmodernism: Style & Subversion 1970 – 1990. It took a while to get this blog up – read previous posts here from my former life as an editor at Fiell Publishing on their blog.  In addition to writing for academic journals, I also work as a freelance writer for publications including Crafts and Domus magazine.  My research interests include contemporary craft and design practice, post-war Italian design and gendered approaches to design history.

Cat Rossi
January 2013

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