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Eindhoven-based designer Mieke Meijer names Ettore Sottsass’s Carlton bookcase for Memphis from 1981 as her Most inspiring design movement”.  As she says in an insightful interview on Sight Unseen it isn’t “so much the work itself, but the way the movement came into existence and the way its practitioners worked…Their goal was to react against the mainstream design at that time and to do something distinctive. I sometimes compare it with the Dutch Invertuals collective I’m part of. With designers from different disciplines, we sit together until late at night and brainstorm crazy ideas in order to present interesting exhibitions.”  

I’d say it isn’t just the way of working, but the structural and alternative-functional qualities of her work that evinces the influence of Sottsass and co, as seen in The Gravel Plant cabinet from 2010.

Photos from Sight Unseen.

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