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Amidst festive frivolities, I found time to pop into Chain Chain Chain, the show currently on at London’s BISCHOF/WEISS gallery.  Curated by Glenn Adamson, the V&A’s Head of Research, co-curator of Postmodernism (and yes, I’ll confess, my former PhD supervisor), the gallery, the exhibition explores the ‘interdependence of art and capitalism’, a suitable theme given the gallery’s Mayfair location and at a time when even Charles Saatchi has a bitter taste in his mouth about cultural commoditisation. 

This is a varied set of works, ranging from the likes of Susan Collis, whose gold leaf and paper Revival exemplifies her mastery of the relationship between value and perception, to Isabelle Cornaro’s Savane, author de Bangui et le fleuve Utubangui No. 11, carefully composed photographs of gold chain jewellery.  This is a multi-faceted exploration of the actual, commodified and connecting chains that constitute just some of the ways that craft exists in the discipline, and specifically in the market, today.  

On until 28th January, I’d recommend a visit to this compact but complex show for a reflection on craft’s messy relationship with capitalism and consumerism - well it is the season for it after all.

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